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New Parts

New Ducati Quick Shift Streetfighter 1098S/ 848

Product no.: 96524412A

264.90 *

Centerstand Ducati Multistrada 1200/ 1260 and 950

Product no.: Hauptständer_Multistrada

199.95 *

New Rizoma brake and clutch fluid reservoir NOTCH

Product no.: CT155.CT157

79.00 *

can be shipped within 3-8 days

New Rizoma handlebar "RACE RETRO"

Product no.: MA054B

179.00 *

New Ducati Corse Diamond Cap New Era

Product no.: 987700020

26.90 *

Keiti Tankpad transparent / Panigale V2 und V4

Product no.: TP.267142

from 19.90 *

License plate Hypermotard 950 Evotech s.r.l.

Product no.: ESTR-0824

149.90 *

can be shipped within 2-8 days

DUC-STORE oil filler plug M22 (Evotech srl)

Product no.: OFC-03.DS

19.90 *

CNC Racing Clutch Cover OPEN Ducati

Product no.: CA400

149.90 *

can be shipped within 3-8 days

License plate Hypermotard 950 EVOTECH Performance

Product no.: PRN014405

209.90 *

can be shipped within 3-10 days

S100 White Chain Spray 2.0

Product no.: RPL.S100.2.0

from 8.99 *
Prices incl. VAT, plus Shipping