Healtech exhaust servo eliminator ESE-D01 / ESE-D02/ ESE-D03 *New Panigale V4 and SF V4

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Healtech exhaust servo eliminator ESE-D01,ESE-D02 and
NEW ESE-D03: Panigale V4 and SF V4


If your motorcycle is equipped as standard with a servo-controlled exhaust flap, it comes when changing the exhaust system to an error message on the display when the servo motor is removed. The ESE module is installed in place of the servo motor, thus the servo motor can be easily removed from the vehicle without an error message appears, or the vehicle in the emergency program is running.
The ESE module works with all exhaust systems (including the original exhaust system)
All ESE modules are equipped with plug and play connections (easy installation).
The ESE module suppresses the FI fault on the display after removing the exhaust flap positioning motor.
Select suitable e.g. for following models/please each version:
Diavel, Bj. 11-17
Hypermotard, up year 2013
Hyperstrada ALL Modell, Bj. 13-17
Scarmbler 800 and 1100
Monster 795 with or without ABS, all years
Monster 821, year. 14-17
Monster 1100 EVO, all year.
Monster 1200 / 1200 S, alle year. to 2016
Monster Diesel, year. 12-13
Multistrada ab Bj. 2010 without ABS
Multistrada 1200 up year. 2010-2014 with ABS
Panigale 899/1199/1299/ 1199 Superleggera
Streetfighter, year. 12-15
Desmosedici RR, 08
XDiavel / XDiavel S,  16-17
Hypermotard, to year 2012
Monster 796 with or withoutABS, all year
Monster 1100 mit und ohne ABS, alle Bj.
Monster 1200 R, all year.
Monster 1200 / 1200 S, all year. ab 2017
Multistrada 1200 ab Bj. 2015-2017 with ABS
Multistrada 950, year. 2017
848, Bj. 08-13 / 1098, year. 07-09 / 1198, year. 09-17
Panigale 959
Streetfighter, year. 09-11
Supersport 937/ 950 ab 2017

Panigale V4

Streetfighter V4

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