Ilmberger Carbon Handprotector left / right Multistrada 1200 DVT (-15) Enduro (-16)

Product no.: HPL.011.ME16G.K

Of course, when fitting a real adventure bike, hand protectors on the handlebars should not be missing. The hand protector for the left / right side in carbon (glossy or matt) for the Ducati Multistrada DVT (from year of construction 2015) and Ducati Enduro (from year of construction 2016) replaces the original plastic part with perfect fit and using the original mounting points. The glossy plastic coating particularly underlines the three-dimensional carbon structure here. The hand protector is made higher than the original and thus offers even more protection against weather influences and rockfalls. Due to the high rigidity and stability of the carbon handguards, the receptacle for the coupling fluid reservoir could be integrated directly into the protector. The flanks, which are very open on the original, are also much further closed with our carbon part, in order to increase the protective effect and stability here as well. Due to the low weight of the protectors, combined with high resistance, the performance of these sporty "all terrain vehicles" is underlined once again. The glossy surface is in contrast to the original Ducati Performance carbon parts, which are delivered in a matte finish. Of course, we also offer all parts for the new Multistrada series in matt finish. The parts are assembled using original mounting points. Of course, the cover can also be ordered in matt carbon finish, and then harmonises perfectly with the original Ducati Performace accessory carbon parts. The carbon part was made completely from prepreg (see FAQ) material according to the latest guidelines in the autoclave and covered in the next step, as usual with us, to protect against environmental influences with a clear plastic coating. This plastic coating exceeds the usual clearcoat in the protective effect, scratch resistance and durability enormously.

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Selection: Ilmberger Carbon Handprotector left / right Multistrada 1200 DVT (-15) Enduro (-16)

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