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Dynojet carburetor kit Ducati Monster 900, 98-99 STAGE 1

Product no.: E7105.001

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99.00 / Kit(s)
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Dynojet carburetor kits enable the optimization of the series carburettors by using the supplied nozzle needles, nozzles, slide springs etc.

The exact coordination was developed individually in extensive test series for each vehicle type at Dynojet Research. The kits greatly simplify the coordination of sports exhaust systems and modified air filters. In addition to all the parts required for retrofitting, the kits contain detailed assembly instructions with detailed information on which parts are to be used with certain air filter and exhaust system combinations.

Stage 1 kits are designed for motorcycles with serial or replacement air filters and series or racing exhaust systems with unmodified or slightly tuned engines.

You achieve:

- better response and throttle response

- jerk-free acceleration even from low engine speeds

- no constant jerking at constant speed

- increase in power and torque especially in the medium speed range

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1 - 1 of 30 results