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Motul fluid cooler Motocool Factory Line

Motul Moto Cool Factory Line is a liquid cooler for closed cooling circuits. Ready to use antifreeze specifically for motorcycles. A major product of Motul research and development. Motocool Factory Line offers optimal protection for most modern motorcycle engines in aluminum / magnesium lightweight construction. Also recommended for use in racing, if coolants are allowed. Reduces operating temperatures and enables optimum power delivery even under extreme conditions. Prevents scale deposits, especially in narrow cooling circuits.

Nitrite free / Amine free / Phosphate free / Free borate / silicate free


- Ready to use cooling liquid, no dilution with water is required
- Prevents limescale, especially in confined cooling circuits
- Highly effective additive package protects against corrosion and cavitation in the cooling circuit
- Extremely high boiling point (+ 136 ° C / + 277 ° F *)
- Reduces engine operating temperature and allows optimum power delivery even under extreme conditions
- Excellent compatibility with seal and hose materials
- Can be used in professional racing, provided the regulations permits
- Guarantees optimum frost and corrosion protection of the entire cooling system
- Only with other coolants on the same basis (organic) miscible
- In hard water areas, only a prefabricated product as Motocool factory line should be used


Red Color
Frost protection: -35 ° C
Boiling point: 136 ° C

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