Indicator m-Blaze Disk

Indicator m-Blaze Disk

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New from Motogadet Blaze Disk

Wonderful LED

Always make sure to order a complete set consisting of the left and right side turn signal assembly!

- completely unique, discrete design and functionality
- barely recognizable on handlebar when OFF
- extremely bright light to front side, well recognizable light output to rear side
- state-of-the-art, high performance LED technology called IntensiLED
- electronic voltage conditioning and secure protection circuits
- no need for turn signal indicator lights
- quite harmonious finish for handlebar end - especially when equipped with m-Grip or other billet grips.

Diameter: 35 mm
Overall length: 68 mm
Partial length outside handlebar: 20 mm
Partial length inside handlebar: 48 mm
Cable length: ca. 100 cm
Weight: approx. 40 g
Mounting: Delivered with rubber clamping parts for steel and aluminium handlebars (22 mm and 1 in.) with 14 mm to 21 mm I.D.

Power consumption: approx. 7 Watt

Like any other conventional LED turn signal, the turn signal kit can be operated with load resistors or any of our load independent flasher relays (m-Flash, m-Wave, m-Stop, m-Relais+).

Price for one piece !



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BL.MBlazeD-0001 Schwarz Links 99.00 € *
BL.MBlazeD-0002 Schwarz Rechts 99.00 € *
BL.MBlazeD-0003 Silber poliert Links 99.00 € *
BL.MBlazeD-0004 Silber poliert Rechts 99.00 € *
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