Lithium-Akkus Battery ALL Models 12V/58Wh/4,8Ah

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Lithium-ion batteries by JMT, tech for your motorcycle.
By replacing a standard lead-acid battery with a lithium-ion battery JMT up to 5 kg are saved without significant

Following advantages speak for JMT lithium-ion batteries:

- About 1/3 of the weight of lead-acid battery similar
- Unbeatable ratio of cost / weight reduction
- Operates in any position, as they contain no acid
- Contains no heavy metals
- Balanced discharge / charge of all cells by Balancer
- Fast charging with high charge (up to 90% in 6 min)
- Very low self-discharge (up to 5% per month)
IMPORTANT: micro consumers, such as Navihalter etc. ALWAYS put on ignition plus!
- Even at high temperatures still good performance 60-80 ° C.
- Safe technology and long life

Lead-acid batteries can be due to the specific properties use only 30% of its capacity, while lithium-ion batteries, nearly 100% of the capacity can be used.
For this reason, the lithium batteries JMT versions for the same starting power require only 1/3 of the capacity of a comparable lead-acid battery.
A uniform charge of all cells is also ensured by a built-in processor ("balancer").
The dimensions of the lithium-ion batteries by using adapters correspond to the dimensions of the original lead-acid batteries.
The connections are the same, so the battery can be replaced without further adjustments in a few minutes.

JMT lithium-ion batteries can be controlled with conventional chargers (eg JMP JMP 800 or 4000 or Optimate Lithium ) are charged.
The normal charging current is generally equal to about the capacity (eg 2.8 Ah = 2.8 A charge current).
In a quick-charge, even a charging current can be used, which corresponds to a maximum of 10 times the capacity (for example, 2.8 Ah = 28A charging current).
We recommend the use of JMP30000Pro charger and compliance with the technical. Data values ​​mentioned.

Although the lightweight battery is real living, it should be noted that the starting capacity is given at temperatures below zero degrees Celsius limited.


Comparable with the dimensions and connections with:
 Yuasa YT12B-BS YT14B-BS YB16AL-A2

 -12 V maintenance-free lithium-ion battery

-Energy 58.0 WH

-Dimensions in mm 150 x 65 x 130

-Charging current recommended 2.5 amps

-maximum charge current for fast charging 24 amps

-Weight under 1.0 kg

-Low-temperature test current 290

12V/4,8Ah  Fit for :


Ducati S 620-800ie

Multistrada 620-1100

Multistrada 1200

Monster S2R - S4R(S)

Monster 696-1100( EVO )

Monster 400-1000

Hypermotard 796-1100( EVO )

Desmosedici RR


Ducati 851-888

Ducati 748-998

Ducati 749-999

Ducati SS und SL  all Modell and Years

Ducati Streetfighter

ST2- ST4 ( ABS ) und ST3 ( ABS )

All Sport and Classic Modelle 750-1000 / GT 1000

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