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A radiator pipe that improves engine cooling and increases performance and reliability (4/5 degrees in less)

The "heart" of the project lies in one component: a custom-made extruded pipe that enables
To transfer and dissipate heat to the outside through its winglets. These winglets are located both inside and outside the tube.

The pipes are assembled in a unique way: no soldering or flanging, instead we use suitable units,
that have been properly cut from the block. These devices are equipped with two safety parts made with Viton and
allow water and oil as well as air to enter and exit with the intercooler.

The settings are extremely adjustable, one or more tubes assembled depending on how needed.
The weights are the same or even lower than some other pipes, and it is not uncommon for this type of device to be the only way
to achieve a sensible temperature reduction.

There are only advantages: easy and inexpensive assembly and no need to add another cooler or reposition the radiation packages.

- high-strength aluminum, complete with rubber connections
- CNC milled
- anodized surface
- radiator pipe
- improves engine cooling
- lowers the cooling water temperature again by 4-5C °
- perfect heat dissipation
- thereby more security and reliability
- fabric-reinforced silicone hoses
- complete with silicone hoses and clamps
- Kit contains 2 pieces

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