DID 520 VX3/ ZVMX / ERV7 Chain

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DID 520 X - ring chain ( Image shows product example)

DID is the leading original equipment manufacturer with nearly 70 % of all Japanese Motorcycles and many European brands.

Leading racing teams in Road and off-road sports rely on the technology of DID. DID chains offer a good value at high ,

controlled quality that continually through research and innovation will be further developed.

An exclusive pin treatment process increases the performance of the chains. This special process is created on the surface

of a hard Layer , the inner core remains soft. Bolts obtained by an enormous impact force , vibrations are so easily absorbed.


The patented X - ring technology ZVM chain increases the Life of the chain and reducing the friction losses by up to 50%.

Available incl endless or open chain .

incl. Rivet lock / Price per chain link!!

- 520 VX3  ( standard chain ) silver  or gold color

- 520 ZVMX  ( super reinforced chain ) silver , black or gold color

- 520 ERV7  (racing chain)  gold

Selection: DID 520 VX3/ ZVMX / ERV7 Chain

Product no. A1 Farbe Price
KE.DID520-0004 VX3 Silber 1.00 € *
KE.DID520-0008 VX3 Gold 1.00 € *
KE.DID520-0005 ZVMX Silber 1.40 € *
KE.DID520-0009 ZVMX Schwarz 1.65 € *
KE.DID520-0010 ZVMX Gold 1.40 € *
KE.DID520-0012 ERV7 Gold 1.90 € *
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