K&N Replacement Air Filters Hypermotard, Monster, Supersport 939 etc.

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The original K & N replacement air filter.

K&N Luftfilter passend für :

GT 1000 Sport Classic, Bj. 07-10

GT 1000 Sport Classic Touring, Bj. 09-10

Hypermotard 796, 10-13 / 821 / 939 / 1100, S, SP, EVO

Monster 821 / 1200, S, R bis Bj. 17

Ducati Sport 1000 Sport Classic Biposto, 07-09

Paul Smart, 06

Supersport 939, 2017

The K & N air filters are simply exchanged for the standard air filters. There are no changes to the system

necessary. The standard setting on the carburettor does not need to be changed. By using K & N

Air filters, there is no loss of performance; on the contrary, the potential of the air filter box is optimized. Noise and

Exhaust gas regulations are complied with. K & N air filters have the same lifetime as the engines and therefore allow

Considerable savings in the purchase of filters. The unique filter system can extend the life of the motors and

Protects against dust, sand etc. K & N filters are fully washable permanent filters with little maintenance

Can be used again and again without losing the filter effect and air flow.


- High air flow with excellent filtration

- Designed to increase horsepower and acceleration

- Washable and reusable

- Economical; A K & N air filter keeps the entire life of the engine

- maintenance interval; Up to 80,000 km before cleaning is required, depending on the road traffic

- Compatible with OEM vehicle electronics

- Environmentally friendly


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