Stealth / Supersprox EDGE Sprocket *Single Arm*

Product no.: KR.ST.Einarm
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The sprocket is only completely delivered in BLACK, the aluminum cover can be COLOR anodized in red, gold or silver!

The color-coded aluminum covers are interchangeable and can be ordered individually!


The Stealth sprockets are the highest quality and most technically advanced sprockets in the world. The secret is based on the combination of the durability of steel and the lightness of duralumin. Duralumin is mainly used in aviation and has a slightly higher density than pure aluminum. The tensile strength is about 11 times that of pure aluminum. By curing, duralumin almost reaches the strength of steel. Accordingly, a lower weight and higher resistance has been implemented. The middle parts are manufactured with high precision on CNC milling and are coated with a thick anodizing film, which prevents oxidation. Eloxal is (electrolytic oxidation of aluminum). It is converted in an electrochemical process, the surface of the aluminum workpiece in an oxide layer. This layer is definable in its thickness and makes the treated products wear resistant and corrosion resistant. According to experience, the stealth sprockets last about three times longer than duralumin sprockets and two times longer than a high quality steel sprocket. Weight is about 700 gr., Depending on the number of teeth!


The following versions are available for the * single-arm swing models *:

5-hole mount

6-hole mount


Multistrada only in 40 Z or 42 Z

from 520 - 525 and teeth from 36 - 47

Please select the appropriate pitch and color and

enter the number of teeth in the very last order process under the field "Comment to Order "or like to ask before ordering by phone with us the teeth availability of your model !!!!

Selection: Stealth / Supersprox EDGE Sprocket *Single Arm*

Product no. Typ Version Price
KR.ST.Einarm-0001 5-Loch 520 119.90 € *
KR.ST.Einarm-0002 5-Loch 525 119.90 € *
KR.ST.Einarm-0004 6-Loch 520 119.90 € *
KR.ST.Einarm-0005 6-Loch 525 119.90 € *
KR.ST.Einarm-0007 Panigale 899-1299 520 119.90 € *
KR.ST.Einarm-0008 Panigale 899-1299 525 119.90 € *
KR.ST.Einarm-0012 Multistrada 1200/ 1260 530 119.90 € *
KR.ST.Einarm-0009 Multistrada 1200/ 1260 525 119.90 € *
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