Ilmberger carbon Front Mudguard. Multistrada 1200 DVT (2015)

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The front mudguard in carbon for the Ducati Multistrada DVT (from year of construction 2015) is offered with matt or glossy surface.  The fender is, as usual from Ilmberger, attached to the original screwing points and it is only required as standard mounting material.  The fender has both an external receptacle for the standard Stahlflexbremsleitungen, as well as internal mounts for the leadership of the important ABS sensor cable.  A laying of cables and wires to manufacturer specifications is thus guaranteed.  Also, the fender is provided with the necessary mount for the very popular, electronic Skyhook suspension.  The fender is designed to be longer than the original and thus protects the sensitive radiator and the front of the engine better against stone chips and other weather conditions.  The matte version of the front fender fits perfectly to the original Ducati Performance carbon parts, which are also supplied in dull finish by Ducati.  The carbon part was made completely from prepreg (see FAQ) material according to the latest guidelines in the autoclave and covered in the next step, as usual with us, to protect against environmental influences with a clear plastic coating.  This plastic coating exceeds the usual clearcoat in the protective effect, scratch resistance and durability enormously.  But not only technically can the coating score, but it also underscores the three-dimensional effect of the carbon structure again clearly.

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Selection: Ilmberger carbon Front Mudguard. Multistrada 1200 DVT (2015)

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