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MPL takes this frame cover out of the program, therefore only the specified sizes / colors are available.

SILVER natural:

3 pieces with a diameter of 25 mm

4 pieces with a diameter of 21mm

BLACK anodized:

1 piece in 22mm

3 pieces in 23mm

9 pieces in 25mm

2 pieces in 28mm


You have to measure the inside diameter of the frame holes on your Ducati and you can measure them individually.

The frame protectors are designed to cover a wide tolerance range. For example: If you determine an inner diameter of 21.8 you should prefer to use the 22mm frame protector, the dimension 22.5 you can safely order 22mm.

A tolerance range of -0.3 to +0.8 can easily be bridged.

The frame protectors seal the engine bolt against water via the O-ring.

Anyone who has ever dismantled an engine can report on firmly-corroded engine mounting bolts and swing arm bolts that seem to have grown together with the engine.

Price per piece !!

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Product no. Farben Durchmesser Price
RD.MP-01-0001 Silber 21mm 9.00 € *
RD.MP-01-0002 Silber 25mm 9.00 € *
RD.MP-01-0003 Schwarz 22mm 10.00 € *
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RD.MP-01-0004 Schwarz 23mm 10.00 € *
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RD.MP-01-0005 Schwarz 25mm 10.00 € *
RD.MP-01-0006 Schwarz 28mm 10.00 € *
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Prices incl. VAT, plus Shipping
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