Ballistol oil

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Ballistol oil

Special oil (contact oil, penetrating oil, lubricating oil) for car, motorcycle, industry, crafts, home improvement and agriculture
Maintains, cleans, protects and lubricates all materials from metal, plastic, rubber, leather and wood
Ideal also for cleaning of stainless steel and aluminum
Perfect antirust - Lubricates the mechanics and protects against rust
Creeps into the finest cracks and crannies, gummy and does not age even after years
Protects against rot and mold
Dissolves dirt
Disinfects and neutralized weak acids such as manual welding
Food safe, medically pure and environmentally friendly, fully biodegradable
Skin-friendly, harmless to health - tested on skin tolerance with "very good"
Description on the label in addition to Italian and French

The magazine "selbst ist der Mann" reported in its issue no. 7 / July 2013 Ballistol Oil. "Tried himself" gave disem Univeralöl 5 of 5 hammers

Packaging: spray can
Content: 200 ml

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