S100 Functional Detergent - NEW FORMULA!

S100 Functional Detergent - NEW FORMULA!

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S100 Functional Detergent - NEW FORMULA!

Liquid special detergent for the gentle cleaning of functional clothing (textile and leather) NEW FORMULA = more than 30% more cleaning power! Excellent for functional clothing made of textile, leather and textile / leather combinations Superior cleaning performance as low as 20 ° C Effective removal of bad odors Renews the breathability of climate membranes with every wash The practical washing ball enables easy dosing and also supports the cleaning performance Areas of application: Motorcycle combinations, gloves, underwear , Helmet pad etc. Plastic bottle with dosing cap 250 ml


Never wear leather clothing on the radiator or in direct sunlight to protect it from overdrying. After washing, restore the moisture protection and add new nutrients to the leather (recommendation: S100 Impregnating -Spray or S100 leather care) clothing with climate membrane should be cleaned regularly (at least twice a season)

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