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suitable for models from 2000 that can not be started with the side stand extended. 
Thanks to our conversion kit, the engine can be started while idling (neutral lamp lights up), 
despite the side stand being folded out. If a gear is engaged while the stand is extended, the engine will stop. 
This prevents you from starting with the sidestand folded out. 
Original plugs, therefore, no change to the wiring harness necessary professionally crimped with the original 
manufacturer tool installation in a few minutes done detailed installation instructions

The original (waterproof) AMP connectors are used, there is no need to interfere with the wiring harness. No tinkering, the assembly takes 5 minutes !

The whole thing is optically quite inconspicuous. For Monster, Monster S4, 748 series and 916 series up to 998, ST series  up 2000 incl. detailed installation instructions.

NOT suitable for  900SSie

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