Ilmberger Carbon Radiatorcover Scrambler (left/right)

Product no.: WKL.002.DS15G.K

The left/right water cooler fairing in carbon and glossy/matt design for the Ducati Scrambler from 2016 will be screwed on to the vehicle at existing stopping points. The parts are assembled using original mounting points. The carbon part was manufactured completely from prepreg (see FAQ) material according to the latest guidelines in an autoclave and in the next step, as is customary with us, it was coated with a clear plastic coating to protect it against environmental influences. This plastic coating surpasses the otherwise usual clear lacquer coating enormously in its protective effect, scratch resistance and resistance. But the coating not only scores technically, it also clearly underscores the three-dimensional effect of the carbon structure.

Available in matt or glossy for left or right side (please select!)
Fits Ducati Scrambler Sixty 2, Classic, Desert Sled, Full Throttle und Icon
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Selection: Ilmberger Carbon Radiatorcover Scrambler (left/right)

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