MPL quick change sprocket adapter

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The MPL sprocket adapter made of Ergal aluminum plus sprocket serves as an ideal replacement for the very expensive and heavy original sprocket.

This adapter fits the models 748/916/996/998 / S2R / S4R and Multistrada 1000.
Advantages over the original sprocket
-The chain wheels can be changed in a very short time (just loosen 5 screws)
- Significant weight reduction
-High mileage through special coating of the sprockets (Hart-Coat)
- Sprockets with 36 - 42 teeth can be ordered from us at any time
-Self-locking threaded inserts (Scew-Look) offer maximum security
-PTFE-GRAVIT coated bronze socket in the center of the adapter
-Fastening screws of strength 10.9 with large collar and teeth

Available in the colors:
black and red

Order at the same time:

Sprockets of 36-42 teeth for chain widths 520 and 525
(see chain wheels)

Selection: MPL quick change sprocket adapter

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MPL-003-01-01-S Schwarz 174.90 € *
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