Matris Lenkungsdämpfer Serie R Streetfighter 1098/S

Product no.: SD.D114R

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Steering damper with adjustable hydraulic operation - derived from Racing applied.

Titanium external cylinder.

Twin tube system with Al 7075 Aluminium alloy coaxial internal cylinder with oxidation treatment High tensile alloy steel

piston rod with hard chrome coating, lapped finished for an effectively  "zero" stiction and PVD TIN (Titanium Nitride) surface

treatment. Single rod system supported by oilless slide bearings.

Stainless steel screws. 

  External tank for controlled heat compensation of fluid expansion, pressurized with Nitogen gas (N2)

  for greater stability at high operating temperatures. 

   Hydraulic brake adjustment ring nut by calibrated holes with 16 "active"

  and micrometric points of hardness adjustmant (by RacingReplica).

  "Speed Sensitive" progressive hydraulic damping system. 

Aluminium alloy front rod-end with chromium-plated Steel/PTFE/Bronze wheel.
Damper anchoring clamp machined from Aluminium billet with chromium-plated Steel/PTFE/Bronze wheel.

Streetfighter 1098/ S

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