Slipper Clutch Ducabike Race Edition 6 Spring

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Special DucaBike Moto Parts Introduces New Editon Racing slipper clutch, six four relatively soft target all Ducati with dry clutch.  

With a new technology, quality materials, machining of high precision and attention to every detail, so is the new slipper clutch Ducabike Special Edition Racing Bike Parts, studied and tested by riders on the track.  

No more spider spring, but a new system that allows you to rework the pilot all the features of the slipper clutch and engine braking by changing your Ducati with a small and quick change of details (can also be mounted with clutch), the 'slipper can go from on-road characteristics to features purely from the track, in a few minutes, the three utilizzandro kit soft colors in the red box spring only from the runway, yellow spring road and track, pure blue spring road.

 Built to be customized driver!

Clutch Plate in red or
Clutch Basket : HARD OXIDE


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DB.AHK.2/6-0001 Schwarz 860.00 € / Kit(s) *
DB.AHK.2/6-0002 Rot 860.00 € / Kit(s) *
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