Profi Fuel Max PFM 270 ml tank cleaning

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Carburetor cleaning without removal!

Longer operating times are the most frequent cause of oxidation and mud formation. Start-up problems and poor engine running are the result.

Time-consuming work in the workshop (removal of the carburetor) is necessary to make the normal service and carburettor adjustment. PROFI FUEL MAX is specifically designed for two-wheelers. If the engine starts, the problem is solved in 95% of all cases. PROFI FUEL MAX cleans during driving and protects against renewed formation of green chips or oxidation.

Application 1:

Fill approx. 20 l freshly fueled gasoline approx. 100 - 150ml PROFI FUEL MAX into the tank and start driving. After only a few kilometers, the engine run will be significantly improved.

Application 2:

Preventive - to prevent oxidation: For one of the last tank fillings (before the wintering) add approx. 100 to 150ml PROFI FUEL MAX to the gasoline. Fill petrol tank with fresh gasoline.

Contents: 270 ml can

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