Panigale / Streetfighter V4 MWR Airfilter

Product no.: MWR.MC-020-18
99.00 / Kit(s)
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The MWR high efficient airfilter for the V4 Panigale and Streetfighter  is developed with our own aluminium filterholder.

Version sport and Version race 


The MWR performance & race airfilter for the Ducati Panigale V4 are developed to increase maximum filtersurface , we managed to increase the surface with more than 40% , more filtersurface is better protection , less restriction and more power.
CAUTION: Filter needs to be installed as the OEM filter , but (very important) with the printed MWR logo below because the filter is asymmetrical build , see picture .
Two versions are available , one for the roadbikes and one for the race/track bikes

Only clean & pre-oil the filter with MWR airfilteroil and cleaner.  

Caution: Remapping the ECU or fuel devise is necessary


Selection: Panigale / Streetfighter V4 MWR Airfilter

Product no. Typ Price
MWR.V4_Sport HIGH EFFICIENT AIRFILTER 99.00 € / Kit(s) *
MWR.V4_Race FULL RACEFILTER 99.00 € / Kit(s) *
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Product Note Price
DT-1/MWR cleaner / oil set DT-1/MWR cleaner / oil set
21.90 € *
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